TLV Harbor June 2018

The TLV Harbor (Namal TLV) is an attraction at the northern sea side of tel aviv (Tel Aviv and the sea side are both attractions on their own accord, mesh them together and add a row of clothing and cafe shops, restaurants and a wood deck overlooking the sea, and you’ve got a hell of an attraction for everyone, year-round.

Street photographers will especially enjoy this vibrant part of the city, with the combination of sea, people, the nearby airport leading to many low flyby by airplanes. Street photography in the TLV harbor, as well as in rest of Israel, can be challenging if you’re the type that approach your subject from a close distance without asking permissions. In certain cases it can work fine, in other you may miss the natural atmosphere or behavior such as this case:

Astonishing”, Tel Aviv, 2018″

 Shooting street photography with my kids is not the easiest way to go, yet I managed to get by with couple of nice takes:

Escape”, Tel Aviv, 2018″


So, if you’re in Tel Aviv, don’t miss the “Namal”!


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