Point of View: Cameras & Weddings

Recently, I had two thoughts that crossed my mind that I wanted on share here – both are not related to street photography yet related to photography in general.

New Camera Technologies


The web, podcasts, Instagram and other social networks – all were teeming up with new products about to be introduced at the recent Photokina 2018 convention. Among the “exciting” events were the introduction of additional mirrorless cameras, now the entrance of the two major players in the photography world, Canon and Nikon. I am sure won’t discuss which is better, and whether Sony or Fujifilm still rule the realm and whether it temporary. I will discuss a more important point to consider, and it is the basic question: “Do I need It?”

This is SUCH a basic question in our ultra-consumerism world that people even don’t bother to stop and think over it (rich and poor, alike). This behavior or culture, if you wish, spans the gamut of “stuff” that one can purchase at a flick of a keyboard stroke or a swipe maneuver be it clothing, bicycles, cameras, cars and fancy yachts.

If we take the recent launch of the R system by Canon, I can understand the strategic quest of Canon to penetrate the ever-growing segment of mirrorless cameras. I can’t understand who will take his EF system and purchase a new (and expensive) body in addition to an additional adapter so all his/her hard-earned money-invested lens system would not hit the 2nd hand market all inorder to purchase a new system (most times this happens between different brands and not under the same brand..). I can envision that Canon may introduce a mirrorless camera which will be sufficiently compact as a Rebel series (like the M100??) but with all the bell and whistles of a full fledged DSLR camera. At the moment, it is as big as a DSLR, so I can’t see any benefits for street photography, in which I would prefer a small footprint.

Why would you go ahead and invest >2000 USD for an additional system to learn and master? And for what? To have the latest gadget?

The thing is that digital cameras, and especially DSLRs, are such a robust and resilient equipment that one can use them for 10+ years with moderate use and not experience almost any issues at all. Why waste more money on equipment that you don’t need when you can invest it in education or workshops? (I am not talking about lenses, these are a different issue all together).

Taking photos at a wedding

I have been to a recent wedding and by god, not only there were like 4 stills photographers plus a video man, literally quarter of the guests were busy taking snapshots with their mobile phone while the bride, groom and their family went into the “Hupa” and also while the Hupa was taking place. Why do that? Why not just enjoy the ceremony, hug your spouse, or just remember your wedding day?) in addition there were two amateur photographers from the family that added to the frames count, and from a distance or 25 meter or so. Let’s face, the more photos the couple will get back, the more the hassle to go and select the best ones. For instance a wedding photographer can finish their day with +2000 frames, meaning that the newly wed will need to select among 1500 keepers/photographer or 6000 frames. That’s huge! And this is without the 500 frames if not more per amateur photographers plus all the mobile snapshots. So, we’re talking about roughly 8000 frames! Good luck with that!

Do you agree? What’s your idea of taking photographs as a guest in a wedding?

P.S – as you can see, I also took photos as a guest in a wedding of a good friend of mine. In that particular time, he asked me to come and take photos in addition to the paid photographers of their dance etc. So I did my best.


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