Jerusalem’s streets

“Conflicted” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Jerusalem, Israel

“Conflicted” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Jerusalem, Israel

This was a quite a surprise.

As part of a routine global colleagues visit to Israel, a visit was planned to Jerusalem. preparing for the tour from a photography point of view, I was wondering whether to take the 6D and 400D bodies with 24 mm and 85 mm to have a fast, 4-focal length combination (24, 38, 85 and 135 mm). At the end, I decided that its better to be going solo with the 400D and EF 24 mm lens (getting a 38.5 mm equivalent) as I use it in street photography.

The surprising part was the amount of images captured – more than 180! Now this may sound like a lot, but as I am selecting my targets very selectively, usually I have up to 50 images per several hours. It was quite a delight to find Jerusalem from a fresh point of view.

More pictures will be shared on my instagram and later here as well.

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