Love Hand in Hand

“Love Hand in Hand” ©️ Chen Guttman 2018, Petah Tiqva, Israel

I first noticed this lovely scene when I was playing with my kids in the playground. Between the screaming kids, smartphone-surfing parents and playground facilities, I noticed the serenity in which this couple were sitting, absorbing the cacophony of kids in play of all ages. And I noticed their love and way they were together in the moment, their simple clothing with bright color touches, and I was hooked. I quickly grabbed my only camera I had, my cellphone, and approached to take their picture (actually without asking for their permission). They were quite amused to see me snapped the picture, and I smiled back and walked away. I am not sure how they are doing, elderly as they may be, but for sure their lovely moment will live in my heart for many years to come. I hope this moment will warm your hearts, too.

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