The real “Danger” to photographer’s creativity

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 22.43.05

Yeah, I know that’s a really weird title. Just look at the above youtube and you’ll get it.

The photography industry is in a crazy frenzy to output one model after another, across the board, and just pick your like: from point and shoot to 100 Megapixel behemoth! All that technology rush and toward what exactly? to be “…a camera system [that] enables and encourages you in real life instrument in hand to be the best most creative version of yourself…” (emphasize as in vid above, jump to 1:53). While praising FujiFilm and in the same breath inserts the “iconic” Leica just to compare one “tool” to another.

All the above superlatives of photography experience is a load of marketing overstatements to make more and more photographers feel that if they just purchased that Leica/Fuji/Canon/Nikon or that Mirrorless/L-lens/full frame, then they will turn into great photographers.


Let’s get things straight – the photography experience, at least for me, is the vision of what the photographer want to create and the moment of creation, in camera and also on the computer seeing how the image develop. Yeah, it happens also in film, your pick of the media. I find it REALLY HARD to think a piece of gear, costing >$5K, will make the photography experience better or will transform a photographer lacking vision or motivation into a creative hard working man such as Bresson, Frank, Capa, Meyerowitz or Winogrand (and not to mention some exceptional contemporary street photographers). These giant street photographers were focused on walking the streets and world, one frame after another, documenting and paving the street photography as we know it today, and they did it with one or maybe 2 cameras. Yes, these were contax or Leica 35 mm (Joel actually went wild with an 8×10) yet their focus was on capturing images that vibrate in the souls of many photographers even today and less on equipment. If they had an camera for half that price, they may have bought that because they needed a portable photography tools, and used whatever they got their hands on and that were comfortable with. The funny thing is that some of them, Winogrand among them, actually resisted the move to the “newer” technology, SLR, and he actually persisted with his Leica rangefinder.

All the gear talk going on from company’s or via a successful social media persona, is to make you think that technology can surpass creativity or that it can make you a better version of yourself (or to give an elation of photography experience).

The only “dangerous” thing is the photographer who thinks that another piece gear will make him/her better.

And it’s a hard fight that a lot photographers, and me included, is facing, some of us pushing back on the gear content that is flashing over our eyes across the media. Do focus on compositional aids, art, creative ideas and paying money to get access to locations or sites. Don’t let those gear marketing Mumbo Jumbo talk distract you from the real essence of being a photographer.

stick with the gear that works for you, you both save yourself time adjusting to a new/different system plus you’ll have more money to invest in education or experiences necessitating money to make true.

As a final note, I would like to direct you to a 180 degree inspiring story of Vivian Meir, an anonymous street photographer that captured sensitive moments reflecting an era that has long gone and will never return ๐Ÿ‘‡

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