Yoga & Photography

“Yoga & Nature” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Park Timna, Israel

I will start by saying that this is not my typical street photography post – its more a travel/documentary post.

I had the pleasure to join the recent annual Arava Yoga meeting in southern Israel. I am not a yogist by any means so it was kind of a way to start my Yoga experience and training. I traveled with my wife, a yogist for the past 15 years, and I have decided that this trip/vacation will be focused on Yoga exercises and less on photography.  Less was key – choosing smart among the gear I collected over the years.

After some contemplation, I decided to be as minimalist as possible considering the wide range of events in which I may want to take out the camera. The agenda was mainly packed with training sessions at Tsofar (see map below), but there was also the drive to Tsofar and on Friday the visit to Timna Park for the main event/yoga session.

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 21.03.16 copy

Thus, I chose to take my full frame camera and two lenses: 24 and 50 mm, covering wide and normal view angle. Surprisingly, I managed to make the best of the limitation and took many photos, some of them you’ll see down below.

On the drive to Tosfar, I decided to take a longer route via Jerusalem connecting with  route 90 and from there along the dead sea to the Arava region. That was a wise choice.

“Arcs” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Route 90, Israel

The beautiful dead sea was blueish and glisten in the high winter noon sun. We stopped a bit along the way to see some sights and even visit a brand new mall at Ein Bokek for a quick bite

“CHILL OUT” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Ein Bokek, Israel

We got to our hut in Tsofar and even had some time to chill out in the dry and pleasant afternoon shade before starting the afternoon yoga sessions.

“Green Triangle” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Tsofar, Israel

At this point my camera took the back seat and my mind and body was focused on Yoga. That was, until our ride to Timna Park and to enjoy the main event. We had great weather, with amazing cloud formation which changed quite quickly and gave way for some dramatic skies!

“Feathers in the Sky” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Route 90, Israel
“Tree & Clouds” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Route 90, Israel

After an hour ride we reached Timna Park at the best hour, around 4pm (winter time) so the sun was already half way down and the light was warm with deep blue skies. One of the main attractions in the park is the Solomon’s Pillars, which are amazing rock formations jutting tens of meters into the sky.

“Bare & Dry” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Timna Park, Israel

Dress code was white, which further enhanced the potential of the imagery taken there. It was a heaven for photographers!

“Observing” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Timna Park, Israel
“In Line” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Timna Park, Israel
“Balcony” ©️ Chen Guttman 2019, Timna Park, Israel

And soon the main event, a Yoga session with Simon Borg-Olivier took place, here below right before the start.

And then we had the live performance on stage of Anna RF band, fusing electronic, Reggae and ethnical music with singer and belly-dancer from Turkey.


So, it was quite awesome – you can head over to the gallery on my website to see the full images.

Leave a comment if you like the photos!

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