Coronavirus journal – Day 4

These Coronavirus days have changed the lives of so many people, it will enter the history books  as a turning point of the start of 21st century as the third decade starts with such a colossal turmoil, be it medical, financial or sociological. As such, I will be adding to my regular photo entries also a personal journal that will focus on facts and my opinions on the developments of these significant pandemic affecting our lives so profoundly, with images, photos and text. I hope you will enjoy reading it as I enjoy writing and documenting my life in this era.

Coronavirus Statistics – 18/03/2020, 8pm
Infected – 433

Deaths – 0

Morning started good, with my wife and son feeling better, no fever and no headaches. My working routine seems to follow that of what I have done at my office, which is a good thing. Since yesterday I had to pitch in more time with the kids through the morning time, I eventually completed the hours when all were asleep.

My big son working on the computer with the remote schooling. Unfortunately, the teachers will be on vacation from tomorrow so that will end, too. Can’t understand why invest money in a system that is not in use due to the vacation of teachers and education professionals…🤔


A complete lockdown is on the table until mid April. Good luck to us all!

And, just a funny video to us all, to make us laugh just a bit:

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