Coronavirus journal – Day 6 (and 5)

These Coronavirus days have changed the lives of so many people, it will enter the history books  as a turning point of the start of 21st century as the third decade starts with such a colossal turmoil, be it medical, financial or sociological. As such, I will be adding to my regular photo entries also a personal journal that will focus on facts and my opinions on the developments of these significant pandemic affecting our lives so profoundly, with images, photos and text. I hope you will enjoy reading it as I enjoy writing and documenting my life in this era.

Coronavirus Statistics – 20/03/2020, 8am
Infected – 677

Deaths – 0


Yesterday and the day before were also a sad day for democracy, when the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, was shut down due to the Corona regulation, instructing to no more than 10 people can meet (like video conferencing is not possible?). Seems like the temporary govermnet headed by Nethanyahu decided to bootstrap the current crisis so to postpone and even cancel any future trial of Nethanyahu. This a serious threat to Israel’s democracy. Yesterday people went out to protest over this and were halted on their way to the Knesset by the police on the grounds that they can’t go to the protest because its not allowed.


Today, new regulations entered into force, restricting movement to the minimum needed, “allowing” for protests as well (we’ll see about that when they will come into force). Basically, we can go to purchase groceries, buy medical items and seek medical aid in addition to the possibility to leave the house in singles or a family unit for a short period of time and in the nearby vicinity of our home.

For a time, its look great to go outside…

Today at 5:45am, the supermarket was empty. So I went for a quick dash over the veggies and fruits, thus avoiding the crowds that surely will come.

At the end, I had to wait till the supervisor came to the store and only then the cashiers, protected as best as they could get, were willing to start passing the groceries and pay for the purchase.

Taking a 5 minutes break, my dear wife enjoys some fresh and cold air as the Friday night meal is boiling on the stove.

Yesterday was also a busy day at work/home. I had multiple zoom meetings, one that included a team meeting with my colleagues, each from his work space – some had it in the kitchen, some form the kid’s play room, some had a well organized and planned work room. But everybody was working, almost like we were all at our desks (+/- with the kids popping from time to time to say hello or just have a sneak peek.

Stay Safe!

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