Coronavirus journal – Day 8

These Coronavirus days have changed the lives of so many people, it will enter the history books  as a turning point of the start of 21st century as the third decade starts with such a colossal turmoil, be it medical, financial or sociological. As such, I will be adding to my regular photo entries also a personal journal that will focus on facts and my opinions on the developments of these significant pandemic affecting our lives so profoundly, with images, photos and text. I hope you will enjoy reading it as I enjoy writing and documenting my life in this era.

Coronavirus Statistics – 22/03/2020, 12pm

Infected – 945
Seriously ill – 20
Deaths – 1

Good morning to all,

Some interesting statistics to start of the day from the Israeli MOH’s assessment meeting held on the 21/03 at 2pm :


Epidemiology of the Coronavirus infection thus far – note that the low number of Asia-Pacific countries. This is partly due to the closure of the skies for these destination (took place after 8th Feb) and mostly because the incoming passengers were not routinely tested before 9th of Feb (39), most probably sporadically (first test on 26/1, 3 tests). Just to have the correct perspective, only from China 34,043 passengers landed in Israel, and total of 783,449 incoming passengers. Its like 0.0004% (!). Practically nothing. See for yourself the figures from MOH (the last column to the right is presenting 2321 testing done on 20/03/2020):


So basically someone thoughts it was wise to test individuals but MOH waited for two weeks till they started to check more people (and a few dozens at a time). Looking at the graph one can clearly see some similarity to the growth of microorganisms, with a long-long lag at the start and a very short burst that stopped really quick. Only we are Humans, with intelligence and imagination, or so I thought..


The above clinical symptoms distribution is very interesting, and again, reflect to the criteria that the Israeli MOH used to dictate who will be tested and who will not (even today, there is no request to test all population, just those that returned from abroad or those that were in contact with a verified patient).  The problem with this strategy is that we have tens of thousands (and even 170,000 infected individuals if you take my assessment done yesterday) that have infected more people and only small part of them has been tested or evaluated. Note that only 8% are without symptoms, and I am quite confident that this number is skewed only due to the decision of who to test. Around 50% of verified patients have symptoms that can meet a plethora of other infections/pathological conditions and which are required to stay at home and not be tested.

At home, drawing and learning about math.

The relationship with the teachers and Kindergarten teachers shifted from face to face to Zoom and cellular interaction.

Stay Safe!

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