Coronavirus journal – Day 9

These Coronavirus days have changed the lives of so many people, it will enter the history books as a turning point of the start of 21st century as the third decade starts with such a colossal turmoil, be it medical, financial or sociological. As such, I will be adding to my regular photo entries also a personal journal that will focus on facts and my opinions on the developments of these significant pandemic affecting our lives so profoundly, with images, photos and text. I hope you will enjoy reading it as I enjoy writing and documenting my life in this era.

Coronavirus Statistics – 23/03/2020, 10pm

Infected – 1,442
Seriously ill – 29
Deaths – 1

Today I’ve been really busy with 4 zoom meetings and helping out with lunch (making the salad actually). But I wasn’t the only working on the video teleconferencing. Throughout the day the kids were on several calls with friends.

One thing that I forgot to talk about is purchasing groceries. I am usually go to the supermarket early in the morning and purchase everything. With these restrictions, and the fact that it is now wise to hang out in line with other people, all close to one another, I’ve decided to purchase only veggies and fruits once in two weeks, and thus limit the exposure.

For the rest of the stuff, we decided to order via online supermarkets services. One, “quik“, was very nice, comfortable but forgot to give me all the packages. Their customer service was excellent and an hour after getting back home we were refunded for the missing items and several customer services returned to our call. Excellent service!

Another, Rami Levi, was not so. I have placed an order (not yet paid) and a day later wanted to cancel the order. I was surprised that it was impossible to get hold of anyone, and even my emails were not answered and messages on the website. 5 days later, as it was indicated in the order that I tried to cancel, the bag was left outside of my door, without a call or indication that somebody was there (maybe a knock on the door? who knows). Even trying to get them through the Chat on Facebook was unsuccessful. So, if you’re an Israeli ordering groceries, don’t buy from Rami Levi – they have a very bad customer service.

I may update later on..

Stay Safe!

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