Coronavirus journal – Day 10

These Coronavirus days have changed the lives of so many people, it will enter the history books as a turning point of the start of 21st century as the third decade starts with such a colossal turmoil, be it medical, financial or sociological. As such, I will be adding to my regular photo entries also a personal journal that will focus on facts and my opinions on the developments of these significant pandemic affecting our lives so profoundly, with images, photos and text. I hope you will enjoy reading it as I enjoy writing and documenting my life in this era.

Coronavirus Statistics – 24/03/2020, 10pm

Infected – 1,930
Seriously ill – 34
Deaths – 3

The Routine

Our family quickly realized from day 1 that a routine must be placed to make out life bearable in the confine of our apartment. So  how does our routine looks like? Here you go:

6:00-7:00 – dressing up, brief workout (Seven application), and breakfast with the kids.

7:00-8:00 – reading/playing together

8:00-13:00 – Distance learning

13:00-14:00  – preparing and having lunch together

14:00-16:00 – Distance learning

16:00-18:00 – play time, showers and family time

18:00-19:00 – preparing and having dinner

19:00-19:30 – kids prepare and go to sleep

19:30-22:30 – quality time, aerobic training, meditation etc.

22:30-Morning – Yeah, time to sleep

Obviously, this is the goal and mostly we match it, but not always.

You may also ask when are we working – well, I am working from 8-16, my wife from 16-18 and also after the kids go to sleep while I arrange the kitchen. I try to help as much as possible with the kids when she needs more time to work.

Yesterday the government suggested that restrictions will be intensified, including an almost complete lockdown, however 24 hours later the Israeli government is still hesitating how to act in face of the ever increasing numbers of Coronavirus positive patients toward. Apparently, the health ministry is putting high pressure to close down everything while the treasury counteract the opinion of the MOH by stating that these extreme measures are way too early. It was said  in the meeting about million patients and 10,000 deaths by the end of April (a month from now), a real extreme figure that doesn’t fit with the rate of the epidemic under lockdown. And regardless, the numbers we see today reflect 1-2wks in the past. With that decision to strengthen the lockdown, few families were seen strolling in the forest, taking advantage of the weather and that the lockdown was not yet enforceable.

The Upside…?

I know, it’s hard to think of anything positive when considering the Coronavirus epidemic and its effect on the global life:

  • Thousands of deaths and no one knows how high it will go (and when it will stop)
  • Global and local economies went into a wild downward spiral and no one knows how low it will go, how deep and how long the recession will be.
  • Unemployment shot upward and no one knows how high it will go (and when it will return to pre-coronavirus era)
  • Social distancing makes for one of the most potential depressing era since the great depression era (and yes, no one knows when we could return to hugging and holding our family and friends)
  • The lockdown situation makes for one of the most potential violence within the family and outside with close neighbors

Even so, see below upsides I managed to see in this extreme situation:

  • More quality time with the kids and spouse (when we’re not conflicting)
  • More savings are gathered (if you’re not unemployed)
  • Easing on global warming and the environment
  • Attractive prices for stocks and bonds (if you have the money to purchase these)
  • The world learns to maximize the world of technology and internet to make humanity more efficient (even if you have kids at home).

I think that the last point is the most profound one. Businesses that managed to retain productivity of its work force from home will realize soon after most will be back at the office that while the productivity suffered a little, business expenses went down dramatically (electricity, fuel expenses, cafeteira and cleaning expenses) and thus will decide on 1-2 days of work from home for all remote workers (those workers that can work remotely). That’s my guess, let’s see if it actually happen.

Some may see this as if I am painting a pink picture, and indeed, not always individuals would completely benefit from the above upsides – it requires a change in thinking and perspective of what life can be for the coming future (and potentially in the future).

What do you think?

Keep thinking and Stay Safe!

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