My name is Chen and I am photographer interested mainly with  people photography, specifically street photography with emphasise on the human element, emotion, behavior and interaction with its surroundings. This blog focuses on the people photography in a documentary or candid style, not interfering and maintaining a “fly-on-the-wall” attitude.

My interest in photography started around 1990 with my Dad’s Konica “Auto S” rangefinder. I took this camera with me on family trips and even on several duty patrols when I served in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Later, I was gifted with an entry level film SLR which I used to learn photography by experimenting. Since then, my photography knowledge was acquired solely by reading photography books, participating in online photography forums and shooting a lot. While science satisfies my intellectual curiosity, photography fulfils my creative, imaginative and visual passions.

This blog is my digital dark room people / street photography exhibition, experimenting with compositions and techniques.

In parallel, my other online exhibitions are through my photo website: http://www.cgp.co.il.

Thank you for your visit and feel free to ask questions or to leave a comment.

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